Sunday, December 7, 2008

Same Old Song, Elias and Parise Save the Day

You have to admit as a Devils fan the best part of this season is seeing the emergence of Zach Parise and the re-emergence of Patrick Elias as elite players in the league. Even playing with line-mates who are average NHL scoring threats, Parise and Elias are always creating offense for the Devils at always at the most critical moments. Last night once again it was a great pass from Elias that set-up Parise for the overtime game-winner to beat the Montreal Canadians and give the Devils seven wins in their last games.

The goals was Parise's 15th of the year has him tied for 3rd in the league and his 28pts. has him ranked 14th in the league for points. In his four year career Parise has 22 game winning goals and is still on pace to break the Devils single season record in points with 95.

Elias already has 10 goals and 14 assists and for a player who has been paid as one of the top NHL players, over the past three seasons he has only averaged 19 goals and 37 assists a season. At this pace Elias would be back to scoring the way he did during the years of dominance from 2000-2004, averaging 34 goals and 46 assists.

Most of all is the way he and Parise make everyone around them better. Now if they would only let Parise and Elias be the quarterbacks on the power-play from the wings instead of always the point men, maybe we would score a power-play goal.

Let us not forgot the play of Scotty Clemmensen! As I said before, the way he was playing in the pre-season was great but he has started to get a better feel for the game as of late. And last night you could see the biggest difference in his game, (HIS LATERAL MOVEMENT). His ability to move from post to post is getting better every game and he is making some old time kick saves that make me think of my street hockey days.

Pieces are coming together, but changes still need to be made. Maybe it is time for Madden to go? Is Pandolfo a fourth-liner now? Will they be able to score as much as we need them with Rolston on their wing? What is Holik's role? Is Zubrus the answer at center with Elias and Gionta or do the Devils need to find someone else and put his as the third line center?

- Barry Tallackson cleared waivers and is playing at Lowell now.
- Since his four goal game four games ago, Zubrus only has 1pt. in his last four games and only ha 4 shots while he had 8 shots on goal in his four goal game.
-Since Salmela has been sent down the DEVILS defenseman have NO goals and just 2 assists in the past three games.

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