Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Devils Lose To Lolely Leafs in Skills Competition

Ughhhhhh! You know I wrote an entire article for tonight's game, but I erased it all. The Devils have simply gotten away from the offense that produced eight goals against the Rangers and had scored 42 goals in the 10 games before these last two pathetic loses.

Yes Devils, you give us a little offense and us fans want to see it coming from the hard work ethic and pressing fore check. So they better get their S**T together before tomorrow nights game at Buffalo.

- The Devils are healthy, well accept for Brodeur, as Andy Greene is with the team on road and may be in the line-up tomorrow at Buffalo.
- Sundin is down to two teams either the Rangers or Vancouver, he will decide on Thursday. The Rangers still need to make cap space to sign Sundin. One option going around is that they will need to trade Prucha and send a forward to the minors. If the Rangers cannot move anybody by Wednesday, it looks as if Sundin will be going to Vancouver. Vancouver offered him a two year contract at 10M a year. (LETS HOPE THAT BIG LUG HEADS WEST)

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Anonymous said...

Skills competition was a big FAT loss tonight but the Devils had have the better of it almost 70% of the time. Im sure Marty has most to do with that!!

I hate getting the loser point that should not even be available but I will take the point.

Devils need to bury open net shots and breakaways Elias and Zajac easily should have ended it in OT.

Second goal a Softy by Clemmer off bad turnover.