Monday, December 15, 2008

Let Down After Victory Over Rangers

Well I think most of us saw it coming, the Devils finally beat the Rangers and in process scored eight goals against Lundquvist and the next night they lose to the struggling Sabres. The Devils seemed to not have the same passion to win the battles along the boards and in the corners in the 4-2 loss to the Sabres.

The Devils failure once again, was on the penalty kill as they controlled the Sabres at full strength, but gave up two power-play goals in only two chances against. Before the two power-play goals the Devils had killed off seventeen straight penalties. What was mind boggling to me the entire night was the Devils did not get one power-play opportunity. In the new NHL, how a team could not receive one power-play chance is mind boggling, but shows the Devils were going into the corners and taking the puck to the net where mos penalties are called.

The Sabres seem the Devils fit, as they shut-out the Devils in their first meeting. It was the only time the Devils have been shut-out all year. In the loss Bobby Holik scored his first goal since returning to the Devils. This week in practice, Holik-Clarkson-Rolston have been playing together. Rolston has not scored a point since returning to the line-up and he has seemed to have no chemistry with Madden and Pandolfo. This move may see Holik's line to see more time and move the Madden line to the fourth line, which could even make it more of a possibility that you may see Madden moved for a defenseman or a center with more scoring talents.

- Just so you Devil fans can get all pissed off at how the New York teams like the Yankees, Mets and Rangers try to buy a championship. The Rangers are trying to move salary to sign Sundin. Rumors have it that they may move Rosival to Dallas for Sean Avery. Yes I am not kidding you. The Rangers will then send Avery to the AHL, giving them the salary cap room to sign Sundin and have the option to bring Avery back after he is mentally cleared to return to the NHL. (WHAT WON'T THESE TEAMS DO TO TRY AND WIN.....I KNOW THEY ARE PISSED ALL THEY HAVE IT 1994 AND WE HAVE THREE CUPS SINCE THEN.)

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