Friday, February 6, 2009

Avery and Rangers On Path To Renuniting

It looks as if the greatest embarrassment of a player in hockey could be on the verge of reuniting with the New York Rangers.

The Rangers have expressed interest in bringing that P.O.S. Sean Avery back to Madison Square Garden. Ranger GM Glen Sather will meet with Dallas management in next few days to see if they can work out the details to reacquiring a player who belongs nowhere near an NHL rink, but jail or an insane asylum.

The Rangers management feel as if their play this season has been lack luster and the addition of Avery would bring a spark back to their line-up. Rangers ownership, management, coaches and player have been discussing the option of bring back Avery to New York and their seems to be a resounding consensus to reacquire Avery (proves what kind of character they have across the Hudson). Their hope would be to have Avery back playing in the NHL by the March 4th trade deadline.

The process is not as easy as it seems. Dallas first must place Avery on waivers, then if no other team picks Avery up off waivers (and their is only one scumbag organization in the NHL that would pick him up), then he would be sent to Hartford of the AHL. After playing at Hartford, Avery would then need to go through re-entry waivers, upon which the Rangers would claim him and then have to only pay half of his $3.8 million salary ($1.93 M to be exact) and Dallas would be responsible for the other half.

Avery, who was snubbed by the Rangers this off-season in free agency, signed with the Dallas Stars for 4 years at $15.5 million.

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