Thursday, January 8, 2009

Parise Added To All-Star Roster; Clemmensen Shafted Over Pathetic Choice In Goal

Today the NHL All-Star reserves were selected and some tough choices had to be made. Fortunately for the Devils, Zach Parise will be attending the All-Star game in Montreal this year, while Patrick Elias and the rest of the Devils will be staying home and relaxing for a few days.

The team selected for the East and West Conferences had no bad choices, but one selection boggles my mind and that is Henrik Lundqvist. The people who made the selections could not find a better goalie in the Eastern Conference than a guy who ranks 25th in save percentage and goals against. Henrik is 3rd in the league in wins with 20, oh ya but wait 7 have come via the shootout so really he has 13 wins. Now in the past I would say that Lunqvist deserves to go, but not with the kind of year he is having. There must be someone with better stats than this guy.

Hey I know somebody, how about Scott Clemmensen? Yeah, this guys has 15 wins and only 2 via the shootout so he has 13 wins as well in 11 less games I might add. Clemmensen also has a goals-against average (GAA) that ranks 7th in league that is 0.40 lower than old Henry and a save-percentage that ranks 9th in the league.

Now I will be realistic and did not believe that Clemmensen would get the All-Star nod, but if he has these numbers that blow away that flopper they call a goalie across the Hudson than is there not someone else with a stronger track record that is far more deserving than Lundqvist this year?

I know so! Shame on you NHL!!! Gary Bettman and the NHL All-Star selection committee you all get a game misconduct for being stupid.

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