Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Just Flat Out Ugly, as Devils fall to 1-4-0 Since Brodeur Injury

I have no words to comment on how disgusted I am at watching the Devils lose once again to the Rangers. As if the Rangers needed any help, the referees gave the Rangers numerous opportunities on the power-play including two five-on-three's. And on both five-on-three's the Rangers scored. And most of all it is stomach turning to see all the Ranger fans being allowed into the arena. Devils fans need to step up and buy all the tickets to the Ranger games or any fan wearing a Rangers jersey should thrown the fuck out and have his ass beaten in an alley in downtown Newark.

But worse is the Devils are 1-4-0, with only a shootout win, since Brodeur went down. They have only been able to score 7 goals in four games. Mr. Lamiriello better get his move on and find some new players for this team. He better start with getting rid of all those soft players. We need players with an edge, like Parise, to lead this team. And right now there are very few players like that, mostly we have a bunch of soft pussies with no creativity.

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